Obsessive Compulsive Designers

We don’t just like design. We’re truly obsessed. So we turned it into a career.
Ever since we remember ourselves, we were possessed. Putting things in the right order,
playing with patterns & textures, styling and designing places and spaces. It was either seeing
a therapist – or channeling this disorder into a business. Luckily, we chose the latter.

We are storytellers, who happen to tell stories using spaces. Every space is a story.
We specialize in digging that story out, crafting it into an exclusive brief, hunting down each
and every ingredient necessary for this potion – and mixing them all together.

Aesthetic & Functional. Heart & Mind. Emotional & Rational. We specialize in the art of
balance, between creativity & analytics. Making peace between the left and the right side of
the brain – or die trying.

It’s all about handpicking. Handpicking the right team of stylists and designers who share the
same passions and disorders. Handpicking the perfect elements, patterns, textures and items
that fit harmoniously into the space’s unique story. Handpicking the best architects and craftsmen
that fit perfectly for each mission. It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

If god is in the details, we’re severely religious. Details are these magical & elusive things
that make the difference between good solid work anda genuinely exquisite design. No wonder
We know it. You know it. Call us, or forever stare at that
wall and wonder: “What have I done?!”.